Engineering center UES started to develop in the middle of the 20th century. At that time among infinite assets of the power system of the USSR there was a planning and design office Tsentroenergomontazh. In 1969 it was restructured into the production engineering design institute Energomontazhproekt. 

From the first days, the Institute implemented a wide program for enhancement  of erection works technical level at  power facilities under construction. Later designing of non-standardized equipment and technological steel structures for domestic and foreign thermal power plants, atomic power plants, technologies of their assembling and welding started to develop. Energomontazhproekt institute developed projects for a number of power plants.

Not once the Institute was reorganized and renamed during its long history. Being in 1992 the Science and Research Project and Technology and Design Association Energomontazhproekt, on September 30, 1993 it was reorganized into Energomontazhproekt Open Joint Stock Company. Energomontazhproekt was renamed into Engineering center UES (the name was introduced to the company Articles of Association as an amendment on June 9, 2001).  Thus  September 30, 1993 is considered to be the date of Engineering Center foundation. Energomontazhproekt Institute continued to perform its activities as a structural subdivision of Engineering Center UES. 

The sphere of activities, opportunities and perspectives of the company were extended in the XXI century. In 2001 the following companies merged into Energomontazhproekt:  Teploelectroproekt Institute, Hydroproekt Institute and ORGRES.  

The dates of these institutes foundation (1918, 1930 and 1933 respectively) show that the companies were not only witnesses, but direct participants practically of the whole electrification history of the USSR and then of Russia. 

For example, in the thermal energy sector Teploelectroproekt Institute (TEP) designed over 80% of thermal power plants of the former USSR with total capacity of over 200 mln kW. The facilities built supply power to all republics of the former USSR and Russia. Among them: Konakovskaya, Kostromskaya, Ryazanskaya, Stavropolskaya, Surgutskaya, Berezovskaya, Iriklinskaya, Kaliningradskaya TPP-2,etc. TEP designed over 70 thermal power plants in more than 20 countries all over the world with total capacity of over 50 mln KW. ORGRES is widely experienced in electric power engineering, including commissioning works.  Its experts were involved in commissioning of 90% of electric power facilities with total capacity of over 200 mln KW, and high-voltage electric mains with total length of about 50 ths km in the former USSR and Russia. Similar works were performed at 200 power facilities of over 60 countries. 

Hydroproekt Institute is one of the world`s leading survey and consulting engineering companies in hydraulic power construction.  Kuibyshevskaya, Volgogradskaya, Sayano-Shushenskaya, Krasnoyarskaya, Bratskaya, Boguchanskaya hydro power plants. 

It has designed over 150 hydro power plants in Russia with total capacity over 50 mln KW. The company designed more than 20 hydro power plants in 15 countries all over the world. They include worldwide known projects such as Asuanskaya hydro power plant in Egypt, Khoabin in Vietnam, Tabka in Syria, Teri in India.

From March of 2001 till June 30, 2008 Engineering Center UES was the subsidiary of RAO UES of Russia JSC. 

Hydroproekt became the branch of Engineering Center UES. 

In May of 2008 Engineering Center UES became one of the major private engineering companies, as a result of power industry reformation. 

As market conditions changed and new opportunities appeared, the company`s structure evolved: Hydroproekt Institute, ORGRES, Teploelectroproekt Institute became independent joint-stock companies. As before, all companies continue working in close collaboration. 

At the moment EC UES JSC is one of the largest private engineering companies. 

The Company achieves great results and makes plans to the future thanks to high professionalism of engineers, designers and other specialists of power construction in our company. They have invaluable work experience at different and unique facilities.